Are you prepared for the extra bank holiday?

The UK Government have added another bank holiday for 2012 as well as moving the date of the Spring bank holiday.  The Spring bank holiday will move from its traditional date of the last Monday in May and will be on Monday 4th June.  The additional bank holiday (granted to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee) will be on Tuesday 5th June.

A four day weekend can often attract additional holiday requests and as this will fall in the week when many schools take the half term break, the pressure may be even higher than normal.  My advice is to keep your normal process in place for holiday requests and (assuming this is done on a first come first served basis) ensure that all requests are considered as soon as possible.

This may also be a good time to ensure that your employees are planning their holiday for the year and that this is being done having considered any impact on the business.

With the additional bank holiday being granted in 2011 and 2012, I have been asked whether businesses are obliged to give all employees the additional paid day off.  The answer is (usually) simple and refers to the contract of employment.  If the contract states “Your holiday entitlement is X days per year including bank/public holidays…” then you are not obliged to pay the extra day holiday and the employee will need to take this day out of their usual  entitlement.

If, however, the contract states “Your holiday entitlement is Y days per year plus bank/public holidays…” then you are obliged to pay the extra day holiday.

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